A320 in numbers

February 22, 1987: A320 first flight starts 30 years success story.

04.2017 | Text: Nicole Geffert

The A320 Family is the world's best-selling single-aisle air­craft family – 13 061 orders and 7 481 A320s de­liv­ered (in­cluding 82 A320neos, as of February 2017). The A320neo Family is the market leader: over 5 069 orders from 92 cus­tom­ers since the launch in 2010, capturing 60% of the market. Since the A320 first entered service in 1988, it has carried more than 11,5 billion pas­sen­gers. Every 7 hours, an A320 Family air­craft leaves one of the A320 Family Final Assembly Lines all over the world (Europe, China and US). All A320 Family aircraft produced lined up from nose to tail would make a 260 km long line which cor­re­sponds nearly to the length of 2 500 soccer fields. An A320 takes off or lands every 1.6 seconds. At the end of its lifecycle, 85% of an A320 can be re­cy­cled in terms of weight. This figure will go up to 95% in the next few years. The V2500 en­gine cur­rent­ly has a share of 45 per­cent in this seg­ment of the A320 family air­craft market, serving around 190 air­lines and lessors. MTU has a 16 per­cent share in the V2500 en­gine program that comprises, among others, the low pres­sure tur­bine. MTU Maintenance offers services for every V2500 variant. Since 1989, it has seen more than 4,300 V2500 shop visits from over 80 inter­na­tional customers, 290 of which in 2016.

Take a look back through the A320’s 30 years of success with this compilation video, which highlights many of the key achievements for this game-changing single-aisle jetliner.


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