When a GE90 arrives at MTU Maintenance in Hannover, speed is of the essence. The engine’s size means it cannot be trans­ported by air fully assembled, and it goes straight from the ramp to the disassembly depart­ment. “Depending on the agreed scope of work, we can dismantle the engine right down to the last screw,” says account manager Nils Hoffman. The parts are then inspected for damage. Most of the time spent working on the engine goes on making repairs and procuring re­place­ment parts. The engine is then carefully reas­sembled, tested and returned to the customer in the space of some 85 calendar days. “Factors that influence the length of the shop visit include the scope of the work agreed and the avail­ability of key re­place­ment parts. The trick is reconciling the many and some­times contrary factors at play—such as what the customer wants and avail­ability,” says Hoffmann.

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