Issue 02/2016



Best connections

To cope with the global rise in air traffic between urban centers, we are going to need quieter aircraft and more efficient airports. Big data applications are among the solutions helping to get passengers and luggage to their destinations quicker than ever.

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The Paint Job

Paint is important—and not just for the external appearance of an aircraft. Paintwork has many functions, which include protecting aircraft against corrosion and lengthening their service lives. In the future, it will even improve environmental performance.

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Saving fuel is in

Aviation can already point to huge progress in its environmental performance. Over the past 50 years, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 70 percent per passenger kilometer. However, because the transport sector continues to grow, there are numerous initiatives designed to make the increasing aviation traffic more environmentally friendly.

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Back home safe

Each year, the professionals of Tyrol Air Ambulance service fly more than 3,000 patients back home using up to six specially equipped aircraft—a logistical, aeronautical and technical feat that draws on 40 years of experience.

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The next wave

By the end of the decade, the Airbus A320neo will have an even more fuel-efficient engine. To make this possible, two key compo­nents of the geared turbofan are cur­rent­ly under­going tests at MTU Aero Engines.

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