How to minimize the pain of lease transitions

10.2017 | Portable maintenance can significantly reduce the risks, costs and complexities of lease transitions for both lessors and lessees. Engaging engine experts as partners can speed up and smoothen the redelivery process, resulting in a win-win all round.


The magic of supersonic flight

08.2017 | Thirty-six-year-old Blake Scholl – former Amazon manager, technology entrepreneur and certified pilot – is the founder and CEO of Boom Technology, Inc., a start-up from Denver, Colorado. Boom’s mission is to bring the first supersonic passenger airliner to market since the Concorde, with the 55-seat jet expected to enter into service in 2023. So far, Boom has received purchase commitments for 76 jets from five major airlines. A two-seater demonstrator aircraft dubbed “Baby Boom” is expected to take to the skies as early as 2018.


“Sweet spot” for every aircraft

06.2017 | Analyst David H Perry (JP Morgan) explains in an interview why the C Series and E2 have taken over the title of most cost-efficient aircraft in the 100 to 130 seat category – and how Airbus and Boeing are responding to this new competition.