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Best connections

11.2016 | To cope with the global rise in air traffic between urban centers, we are going to need quieter aircraft and more efficient airports. Big data applications are among the solutions helping to get passengers and luggage to their destinations quicker than ever.


The Paint Job

11.2016 | Paint is important—and not just for the external appearance of an aircraft. Paintwork has many functions, which include protecting aircraft against corrosion and lengthening their service lives. In the future, it will even improve environmental performance.


The future is digital

05.2016 | Connected industry and the internet of things are topics that continue to make head­lines. The increasing impact of digital tech­nologies on economic and social life is echoed in the manu­facturing world as the advent of the fourth industrial revo­lution. What is driving these changes, and what do they mean for the aviation industry?