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“Sweet spot” for every aircraft

06.2017 | Analyst David H Perry (JP Morgan) explains in an interview why the C Series and E2 have taken over the title of most cost-efficient aircraft in the 100 to 130 seat category – and how Airbus and Boeing are responding to this new competition.


V2500 MRO at MTU Maintenance

05.2017 | The V2500 powers the Airbus A319, A320, A321, as well as the McDonnell Douglas MD-90. MTU Maintenance Hannover has been repairing and overhauling this engine since 1989, as has MTU Maintenance Zhuhai since 2003.


The A320 family in numbers

03.2017 | The A320 family is the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft program. Today, some 190 airlines and leasing companies operate A320 aircraft worldwide. The first A320 took off on its maiden flight 30 years ago, on February 22, 1987.


Better flight connections

11.2016 | Dealing with the increase in worldwide air traffic between urban centers calls for new, quieter aircraft and more efficient airports. Big data applications also help get passengers and luggage to their destination more quickly.


The Paint Job

11.2016 | Paint is important—and not just for the external appearance of an aircraft. Paintwork has many functions, which include protecting aircraft against corrosion and lengthening their service lives. In the future, it will even improve environmental performance.