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Continuum robot offers brand new possibilities

05.2017 | Fast, flexible repair solutions are gaining in importance in engine maintenance. In collaboration with MTU Aero Engines, scientists from Leibniz Universität Hannover are exploring a groundbreaking new method at the Turbine and MRO Center of Competence.


Coatings protect engine components

05.2017 | Ultra-thin layers of metallic or ceramic materials protect against heat, erosion and chemical agents. In the quest to design more efficient propulsion systems that can be operated efficiently with higher combustion temperatures, thermal coatings have become a key technology.


V2500: Minor repair job—major effect

05.2017 | In the case of the high-pressure compressor for the V2500 engine, thin vibration damping rings were significantly reducing the service life. This was solved with tongue-and-groove joints to connect the wire ends and applying a spark-free coating to the housing walls.