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Changing times

05.2015 | With an influx of new models and new providers, the market for short- and medium-haul jets is in transition. AEROREPORT takes a look at what is now the most exciting segment in the passenger aircraft industry.


A smile in the sky

05.2015 | The aviation market in the world’s third-largest economy is opening up: The most recent contract extension cooperation with Solaseed Air is one of several successful partnerships for MTU Maintenance in Japan.


Rotor testing

05.2015 | An excitation rig enables MTU to test the vibration behavior of rotor blades under operating conditions – well before the engine’s first test run. The rig is also used in experimental projects such as the EU’s Clean Sky research program.

Heart and muscle

05.2015 | MTU’s experience in compressor and turbine design stretches back 45 years. A recent highlight: the new Geared TurbofanTM engines.

Faster, better and truly unique

11.2014 | For decades now, compressors and turbines made by MTU Aero Engines have been among the finest to be found in the marketplace. MTU’s masterpieces in these technology fields are the high-pressure compressor and the high-speed low-pressure turbine for the geared turbofan engine.