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“Path of Excellence” at Paris Air Show

06.2017 | 200,000 guests on the public days, 150,000 trade visitors, 2,300 exhibitors. If it’s a respected brand in the aviation industry, then it will be at the International Paris Air Show 2017, from June 19 to 25. And MTU is right at the center of the action.


Optimized engine maintenance

05.2017 | Aircraft engines are significant investment assets and billions of dollars are spent on their maintenance. Technologically, they have no age limit, but each generation and application requires and is given the optimum level of service in terms of cost efficiency.


MRO diary of an engine

05.2017 | Having been on the market for almost 30 years, the V2500 engine family has an especially rich maintenance history. Approximately every 15,000 to 30,000 flight hours, the engine is thoroughly overhauled; the extent of repair depends on the engine’s age.


Aeroméxico on the path to modernization

05.2017 | Aeroméxico is the leading airline in Latin America’s second most prosperous economy. The full-service carrier has joined forces with Delta Air Lines to create a groundbreaking, cross-border joint venture, and is set to further increase its performance in the future.


Continuum robot offers brand new possibilities

05.2017 | Fast, flexible repair solutions are gaining in importance in engine maintenance. In collaboration with MTU Aero Engines, scientists from Leibniz Universität Hannover are exploring a groundbreaking new method at the Turbine and MRO Center of Competence.


V2500: Minor repair job—major effect

05.2017 | In the case of the high-pressure compressor for the V2500 engine, thin vibration damping rings were significantly reducing the service life. This was solved with tongue-and-groove joints to connect the wire ends and applying a spark-free coating to the housing walls.