The next wave

11.2016 | By the end of the decade, the Airbus A320neo will have an even more fuel-efficient engine. To make this possible, two key compo­nents of the geared turbofan are cur­rent­ly under­going tests at MTU Aero Engines.


The future is digital

05.2016 | Connected industry and the internet of things are topics that continue to make head­lines. The increasing impact of digital tech­nologies on economic and social life is echoed in the manu­facturing world as the advent of the fourth industrial revo­lution. What is driving these changes, and what do they mean for the aviation industry?


Replacing trial and error with a mouse click

05.2016 | Simulation is transforming industrial development and production techniques. Virtual testing speeds up the design process, and numerical simulation tools are increasingly being used by aeronautical engineers. Academic and industrial researchers are working hand in hand to achieve progress in this field.


Flexible and stable

05.2016 | Because every order is different, aero engine maintenance makes great demands of the shop production system. Read on to learn more about modern production control at MTU Maintenance from the perspective of a trainee.