Spring offered the public their first chance to see Embraer’s next genera­tion of E jets, featuring an improved bypass ratio thanks to new PW1900G engines. The engines seem almost bulky sitting with their over­size fans along­side the slimline fuselage. They are not the only new feature: there are also aero­dynamically opti­mized wings, an updated fly-by-wire control system and other over­hauled systems aimed at reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise. Compared to previous E jets, range has also increased. The Brazilian manu­facturer holds a market share of over 50 percent in this air­craft segment. The E190 E2’s maid­en flight is scheduled for this year, and entry into service for 2018. The E2 family also includes the E175-E2 and the E195-E2, which will fly exclusively with PW1000G engines. Depending on the configu­ration, the E2 jets accom­modate bet­ween 80 and 132 passengers.