That well-off customers travel in privately owned luxury jets is no secret—but the details of their luxurious interiors are usually kept hidden. Understandably, it’s a topic that manufacturers treat with utmost discretion. Despite this, we’ve uncovered a few trends from a world that even first-class passengers can only dream of. We’re not talking about small private aircraft, here—VVIPs are choosing to fit out widebody jets such as the Airbus A380. Standard features have long included gilded washbasins, sauna facilities and Jacuzzis with overflow channels to ensure that the water stays in the tub during turbulent flights.

Another popular addition is a private prayer room with an electrically adjustable prayer mat that turns to point toward Mecca in flight. In 2007, Airbus was commissioned to build an A380 featuring an onboard concert hall and a glass elevator leading from the tarmac straight into the 330 m² suite of rooms. Although this particular order proved no more than a flight of fancy, the market for luxury fittings is very real indeed, with the price of such customized cabin interiors reaching into the hundreds of millions U.S. dollars.