HEA helmet: A new perspective for Eurofighter pilots

With the HEA (head equipment assembly) helmet, Eurofighter pilots receive their flight data and see what's happening in the air right in front of their eyes. The helmet is a super brain.


“It looks like something out of Star Wars; it performs like something out of Star Wars.” This is how the British manufacturer BAE Systems describes the multifunctional HEA helmet, which weighs less than two kilograms. The helmet lets Eurofighter pilots keep track of their flight data and gives them a view of the sky around them, while also allowing them to steer the sighting mechanism through voice recognition and control. HEA stands for head equipment assembly.

BAE Systems Chief Test Pilot Mark Bowman with the Euro­fighter HEA helmet.


Sources: BAE Systems, German Air Force, Airbus Defence and Space

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