All requirements satisfied, all preparations complete. As of mid-October, the Clean Sky demonstrator at MTU Aero Engines in Munich is “target to fire”: testing can begin. Launched in 2008 as part of the Clean Sky European technology program, the project is now entering its final phase. The goal is to use the demonstrator, based on the CSeries PurePower® PW1500G engine, to develop new engine technologies. These in turn are to make next-generation aircraft even more eco-efficient. MTU’s demonstrator, called “SAGE 4”—Sustainable And Green Engines—is one of five engine demonstrators in the SAGE consortium. It has been designed to showcase the maturity of new technologies for high-pressure compressors and low-pressure turbines, MTU’s flagship components. These technologies include lighter, more temperature-resistant materials and new design solutions for blades and housings, which could be used in the next generation of Geared TurbofansTM.