On a digital mission

MTU is turbocharging digitalization: AI, big data and algorithms propel the engine business to the next level. What’s powering them? A host of IT projects right across the company.

05.2021 | Text: Thorsten Rienth

Thorsten Rienth writes as a freelance journalist for AEROREPORT. In addition to the aerospace industry, his technical writing focuses on rail traffic and the transportation industry.


Things change, and when it comes to IT, there’s nothing quite like a trip down memory lane to remind us of that. Not so long ago, the primary purpose of information technology was to serve corporate infrastructure. If someone needed a new screen, the IT specialists would see to it. If a new network was required, organizing it was a job for IT.

Now, just a few years down the line, IT plays a fundamental role in shaping the company as the key driver of its digital transformation. The aviation industry exemplifies how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) can pave the way for new levels of automation in production, for more efficient development and manufacturing processes, and for cost-effective and bespoke service solutions—to name just a few examples.

Digital masterminds at MTU: Big data, AI and heuristics are unlocking added value across the entire company. Meanwhile, a variety of projects are driving forward the digital transformation at MTU. Five sample projects.

MTU Aero Engines is seizing the opportunities that big data, AI and heuristics offer across the entire company. Whether from the production line, the test stand or maintenance, all the information MTU gathers from the world of operations is incorporated into its development of new engines—making them even more robust and, above all, more efficient.

Some years ago, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer launched a comprehensive digital transformation program. Now, the company is reaping the benefits from all the digitalization projects it set up across the company. But unlike product developers, digital experts drive their companies forward in unseen ways. Initially, their work is visible only as bits and bytes on a screen or behind the scenes, where data analysis, self-learning algorithms and AI are ushering in a new era in engine development. In other words, anywhere that the digital and real worlds come together.

Join us on our digital mission.

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Big Data and AI take MTU to the next level

04.2021 | As Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Lutz Seidenfaden is responsible for the digitalization strategy at MTU Aero Engines. In this interview, he explains its key factors and how it applies to the engine business.

New data management system for engine test data

06.2021 | Every day, MTU engine developers have to compare, evaluate and classify thousands of measurements from engine runs. Now they’re getting a test data management system that gives them access to all of MTU’s test data worldwide in a matter of minutes.

Mastermind for MTU production

07.2021 | MTU Aero Engines currently uses a great many different systems to manage its production activities. But now the company is raising its game to a whole new level by rolling out a unified manufacturing execution system (MES).

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