The CentAirStation concept by Bauhaus Aviation

New, smaller airports directly in inner cities, which offer direct connections to each other and to existing airports, are set to help solve air traffic challenges in the year 2040 and beyond.


In collaboration with 12 students from Glasgow School of Art, 25 scien­tists from Bauhaus Luftfahrt have de­vel­oped a dove­tailing air­port and air­craft concept: “CentAirStation” and “CityBird.” Their mission: new, inner-city air­ports and new air­craft, which will operate between these inner-city air­ports and conven­tional ones, will help meet the require­ments of air travel in 2040 and beyond.

Source: Bauhaus Luftfahrt e. V., June 2016
The conditions:
  1. Urbanization will continue to 2040 and beyond, also leading to marked growth in mega­cities.
  2. These megacities must have ef­fi­cient con­nec­tions to air transport.
  3. Global air travel is set to grow at around 4.7 per­cent per year, tripling the amount of flights by 2040.
  4. One aim of the Europeam Commission’s “Flightphath 2050” is for 90 per­cent of all trav­el­ers to be able to reach their des­ti­na­tion within four hours, door to door.
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