A military transporter comes together: final assembly of the A400M

Spain - Seville



A400M 100-day project

It’s 11 a.m. and under the Andalusian sun a convoy of trucks carrying MTU-assembled TP400-D6 engines for the A400M military transporter is rolling toward Seville. Their journey will take them to Airbus Defense and Space, where the military transporter undergoes final assembly. It takes around 100 days to complete the assembly of an A400M aircraft, with eight days earmarked for mounting the four engines and the propellers.

MTU is responsible for the final assembly and pro­duction accept­ance testing of all TP400-D6 production engines.

Background information

The A400M military transporter has an empty weight of around 79 metric tons and a 340-cubic-meter cargo capacity. The maximum take-off weight is 141 metric tons.

TP400-D6 engine

  • Weight: 1,900 kilograms
  • Length: 3.5 meters
  • Propeller diameter: 5.33 meters

European partnership for the engines

The TP400-D6, the most powerful turboprop engine in the West­ern world, is developed by MTU in col­labo­ration with its partners ITP, Rolls-Royce and Safran Air­craft Engines. A special feature of MTU’s work­share is that the company is respon­sible for the final as­sem­bly and ac­cept­ance testing of all TP400-D6 pro­duction engines—on the world’s only test cell quali­fied to test this engine, which is in­stalled at MTU Main­tenance Berlin-­Branden­burg in Ludwigsfelde.

Engine maintenance assured

After the A400M has left the final as­sem­bly line in Seville, in-house in­spec­tions and test flights are the order of the day before the air­craft is ready for ac­cept­ance by the customer. The end of September 2017 marked delivery of the 50th A400M—to the German armed forces. Over the next five years, MTU Aero Engines will support all engines powering Germany’s A400M military trans­port air­craft. The cor­re­spond­ing main­tenance frame­work agreement was con­cluded between the Federal Office of Bundes­wehr Equipment, Information Tech­nology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) and MTU in October 2017.