MTU is a power for the world.

06.2018 | MTU engages in the development, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft and helicopter engines, as well as industrial gas turbines. With 14 locations worldwide and some 10,000 employees from over 50 countries, the company serves its customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Ridgy-didge traineeships at MTU

05.2018 | For the last stint of her traineeship, Gihen Chtourou worked at the IGT MTU Maintenance Service Centre Australia in Perth. She shares her traineeship experience with (aeroreport:).


MTU’s Franco-German partnerships

04.2018 | Germany and France share close ties in the aviation industry. As Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, MTU has several long-standing partnerships with French companies—all very different, as employees from MTU explain.


Research flights for the climate

03.2018 | NASA's DC-8 and the German Aerospace Center's A320 ATRA are together testing the behavior of alternative fuels. AEROREPORT author Andreas Spaeth reports about the research campaign directly from the aircraft.


New production processes reduce aviation's environmental footprint

03.2018 | In the aviation industry, environmental protection starts long before take-off. Aircraft and engine manufacturers are developing new, sustainable production processes that conserve energy and materials. To make tomorrow's air transport sustainable, MTU is using innovative plant concepts and manufacturing methods to supply lightweight components.

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MTU in 60 seconds

06.2018 | A technological pacesetter for low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors and turbine center frames, a company that, with its one-of-a-kind know-how, enjoys global success throughout the entire lifecycle of an engine - get the lowdown on MTU here in just 60 seconds, in keeping with the company’s motto: Lifetime Excellence.


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