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On-site service for oil platforms

It’s 9 a.m. and the Norwegian Sea is calmer than usual. The sky is clear, there’s a salty tang in the air and a light off­shore breeze blows over the drilling platform. The tranquil mood at sea is in stark contrast to the deaf­en­ing noise pro­duced by the mach­ines on the plat­form—including the industrial gas turbine (IGT). This ensures the power supply to the small rig, making it completely auto­no­mous. The operator of the drilling plat­form has many off­shore oil and gas pro­duction facilities and is a long-standing MTU cus­tomer, for whom, in addi­tion to classic shop main­tenance, MTU also as­sumes on-site service on the plat­form as well as the provision of spare parts.

Industrial gas turbines ensure that oil rigs are energy self-sufficient.

Background Information Industrial gas turbines

As well as specializing in the main­tenance of industrial gas turbines, MTU is also engaged in their manu­facturing. The MTU af­fili­ate Vericor Power Systems in Alpharetta/Georgia, USA, develops and manu­factures gas turbines for marine pro­pulsion, mecha­nical drive and electrical power generation applications.

Gas turbines from Vericor’s TF series are used in navy vessels, high-speed ferries, yachts and hydrofoils.

Gas turbines from Vericor’s ASE series can run on different fuels and produce an output of up to 3.5 megawatts.

Over 35 years of experience

With its MTU Power brand, MTU is one of the world’s leading providers of reliable, flexible and cost-effective maintenance services for industrial gas turbines. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg maintains indus­trial gas tur­bines from General Electric’s LM2500™, LM2500+™, LM5000™ and LM6000™ programs, which are derived from air­craft engines, for a large number of com­panies operating in the fields of electricity gen­era­tion, marine propulsion systems and com­pres­sor stations—both on- and off­shore. They all benefit from the 35-plus years of ex­peri­ence MTU Main­tenance can draw on in servicing and main­taining industrial gas turbines.

Continuous improvement

The MTU Maintenance team performs most of the repair and main­tenance work itself, always with a strong focus on the highest standards of quality—equi­valent to those applied in the aviation sector. The pro­cesses are con­tinu­ously refined and ­improved so as to optimize the avail­ability and reliability of the gas turbines. Besides high-tech pro­cesses, efficient work­flows ensure a fast turn­around—from dis­man­tling, parts inspection and repair, to re-as­sem­bly and sub­sequent testing. To ensure all goes smoothly, MTU Main­tenance has installed one of the world’s largest and most ad­vanced industrial gas turbine test cells in Ludwigsfelde. Here, the aero-derivative gas turbines can be ­tested under operating conditions.