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Background information V2500

The V2500 has been powering short- and medium-haul jets since 1989. In the summer of 2017, the engine of the IAE con­sor­tium broke the sound barrier of 100 million flight cycles. World­wide, around 160 airlines in 80 countries place their trust in this safe, effi­cient and reliable engine to power more than 3,000 aircraft.

Experts for V2500 and CFM56 engines

When Frank Bodenhage, president & CEO of MTU Main­tenance Zhuhai, glances at the clock, it reads 11 a.m. local time in the Chinese special eco­nomic zone. That’s 4 a.m. in central Europe. Bodenhage is satisfied: his team is on the point of suc­cess­fully completing another V2500-A5 main­tenance job. The “-A5” is the youngest and also most wide­spread member of the V2500 engine family, which powers the Airbus A320. Worldwide, its ­average age is a little over eight years. In terms of main­tenance, this means the first full shop visits are still pending or have only recently taken place.

A V2500 engine undergoes a thorough inspection and over­haul at around every 15,000 to 30,000 flying hours. Regu­latory ­require­ments stipulate that specific compo­nents must be com­pletely replaced, while others are closely inspected and re­paired. The focus is always on ensuring that the strict safety regu­lations for air­craft engines are complied with at all times, as well as on restoring engine efficiency. With the experience gathered from over 1,000 V2500 shop visits under their belts, this is no ­pro­blem for the engi­neers from MTU Main­tenance Zhuhai. The older an engine is, the greater the depth of repair—in other words the degree to which it is taken apart, examined, repaired and re-as­sem­bled during a shop visit. MTU’s engi­neers in Zhuhai can draw on a high-tech pool of machinery, including a state-of-the-art test cell for sub­se­quently testing the engine.

Apart from the V2500, the Zhuhai experts are no less experi­enced in main­taining the CFM56 engine: the port­folio includes the CFM56-3, -5B and -7B models, of which MTU’s engineers have over­hauled well in excess of 1,000 to date.