Real networkers: MTU’s engineering experts

USA - Rocky Hill



Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a peace­ful town in a region famous for its verdant pastures, clear-flowing rivers, and the mag­nifi­cent display of color asso­ciated with New England’s Indian ­summer. But this natural beauty was not the reason why MTU Aero ­Engines North America (AENA) chose this lo­cation: the decisive factor was its proximity to the Pratt & Whitney head­quarters in East Hartford, Connecticut. This engine manu­facturer is one of MTU’s closest partners. “Our col­labo­ration with Pratt & Whitney plays an essen­tial role in the work we do. The com­pany is not only a partner in new engine de­vel­op­ment pro­grams but also a major cus­tomer for our engi­neer­ing services,” says Neeraj Rai, business de­vel­op­ment manager at MTU AENA.

A diverse portfolio of services

MTU’s U.S. subsidiary is home to a wealth of engi­neering know-how and ex­perience. “The design team we have built up in the United States develops innovative solu­tions, creates simu­lations of everything from discrete compo­nents to an entire complex system, and is capable of managing a whole project from end to end. Our company does everything it can to meet the customer’s require­ments,” says Rai.

The great advantage is that the people at MTU speak the same lan­guage as their customers. “As well as being well versed in the art and science of engi­neering, we also under­stand the reality of other chal­lenges such as time pressure, cost sensi­tivities, export control require­ments, and quality imperatives,” says Jonathan Leach, president and CEO of MTU AENA. “Our customers turn to us for a variety of reasons, a major one being MTU’s out­standing reputation as an engi­neering services provider.” MTU AENA’s team of engineering pro­fes­sionals has extensive experience in everything from con­ceptual design, detail design, project manage­ment and test/vali­dation from entry-into-service through post-service support. Engineers at AENA recently identi­fied a cost savings of $700,000 to a key customer by imple­menting an auto­mation tool within their TeamCenter environ­ment. In the After­market Engi­neering services area, AENA has lever­aged its valuable know­ledge of repair writing for aero­space compo­nents to de­vel­op unique repairs and manuals for a customer in the ­industrial aero-deriva­tive engine business.