20 years of MTU Maintenance Canada

MTU Maintenance’s first location outside Germany has survived some turbulent times and chalked up many successes.

10.2018 | Text: Nicole Geffert, Victoria Nicholls

Nicole Geffert has been working as a free­lance journalist covering topics such as re­search and science, money and taxes, and education and careers since 1999.

Victoria Nicholls is a specialist for aftermarket topics such as engine MRO, leasing and asset management, as well as international market trends. The British-born editor lives in Berlin and works for MTU’s corporate communications in Hannover and Ludwigsfelde.

Video: MTU Maintenance Canada: Accessory Repair Centre Article with video

MTU Maintenance Canada: Accessory Repair Centre

Accessories are components such as starters, fuel and hydraulic pumps, actuators, sensors, valves and tubing—all essential to the smooth operation of aircraft fleets. MTU Maintenance Canada has set up an Accessory Repair Centre of Excellence to repair such components quickly and reliably. To the video

Together with customers, business partners and employees, MTU Main­tenance Canada is cele­brating its 20th anni­versary at its site near Vancouver air­port in combi­nation with its appearance at the Abbotsford Airshow.

MTU Maintenance Canada has been part of the MTU Main­tenance network since 1998. Specializing in main­tenance of the CF6, CFM56 and V2500 engines, the company also handles all services for acces­sories and line replace­able units (LRUs) for a range of engines—from the CF34 to the GE90.

Over the past two decades, the wholly owned subsidiary of MTU Aero Engines has over­hauled more than 1,100 engines in its shop. In 2011, it set up the Accessory Repair Center: a center of excel­lence that maintains more than 11,000 acces­sories every year. Employing nearly 400 highly qualified experts, the sub­sidiary is one of the region’s valued employers in the aero­space sector.


The Accessory Repair Center, which opened in 2011, maintains more than 11,000 accessories every year.


Technicians at work on a V2500 engine. In 2019, the plant is expected to have up to 40 shop visits for the V2500.


The MTU subsidiary’s shop for repairing engines and acces­sories and conducting engine tests is located right next to the inter­national airport in Vancouver.


At MTU Maintenance Canada, young tech­nicians work side by side with their more experi­enced colleagues. The work­force repre­sents some fifty different countries.


Repairing accessories calls for an extra degree of precision.


Highly trained technicians work on repairing acces­sories at the plant.


Maintenance work focuses on the CF6, CFM56 und V2500 engines as well as all services for acces­sories and line replaceable units (LRUs).


In summer 2018, MTU Maintenance Canada joined Hannover and Zhuhai to become the third MTU location for V2500 maintenance.

Inside MTU: “20th anni­versary stories”

Four MTU Maintenance Canada employees tell their “20th anni­versary stories”

“We can look back proudly at our long history of success in looking after com­mer­cial and military customers in North and South America,” says Helmut Neuper, Managing Director of MTU Maintenance Canada. “And I’m delighted to be continuing this success story with the main­tenance services for V2500 engines that we launched in De­cem­ber 2017.”

The first shop visit for a V2500 was success­fully com­pleted in summer 2018. The over­haul took place as part of an agree­ment made last year between IAE and MTU, which stipulated that MTU Maintenance Canada provide MRO services for V2500 engines within the IAE customer service network.

And all signs point to further growth: “MTU has invested 17 million Canadian dollars in estab­lishing the new main­tenance line at the Richmond site in British Columbia,” Neuper says. “Some 25 over­hauls for the V2500 engine are to take place at MTU Main­tenance Canada this year, and next year we expect to handle up to 40 shop visits.”

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