Technikum Blisk

02.2018 | While MTU is responsible for designing the new blisks, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Tech­nology IPT in Aachen addresses the question of how best to produce them.


MTU Aero Engines Polska

01.2018 | MTU Aero Engines Polska began operations in Poland’s Aviation Valley in April 2009. In the south­east corner of the country just outside of Rzeszów, this special eco­nomic zone is home to more than 80 avia­tion companies with pro­duc­tion and research facilities.


MTU Maintenance Canada: Accessory Repair Centre

11.2017 | Accessories are components such as starters, fuel and hydraulic pumps, actuators, sensors, valves and tubing—all essential to the smooth operation of aircraft fleets. MTU Maintenance Canada has set up an Accessory Repair Centre of Excellence to repair such components quickly and reliably.


Engines in the test cell

11.2017 | MTU’s experienced experts carry out many different types of tests. These include stress tests, which are mandatory for every production engine, and tests under simulated extreme weather conditions to demonstrate the engine’s robustness.