Successful collaboration on the CH-53G

11.2017 | For 45 years now, the German Armed Forces have been operating the Sikorsky CH-53G trans­port heli­copter. MTU Aero Engines has been providing main­tenance support for this heli­copter’s T64 engines from day one, as part of a suc­cess­ful col­labo­ra­tion that has con­tinued for several decades.


The GE9X: Huge and economical

11.2017 | The GE9X for the Boeing 777X is nearly ready for its first flight. MTU is responsible for the development and production of its turbine center frame (TCF). GE plans to launch the flight test campaign before the end of 2017.


GEnx facts and figures at a glance

11.2017 | The GEnx engine powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Boeing 747. MTU has a 6.65-percent workshare in this program and is responsible for the development, production, assembly and maintenance of the turbine center frame (TCF).


T408: Powerplant for the Sikorsky CH-53K

08.2017 | Industry leaders attended the 30th International Helicopter Forum in Bückeburg, Germany, where top-name manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky and Airbus presented their products. At the trade event, MTU showcased the technology behind the T408 engine powering Sikorsky’s CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter.


Discussing strategy with key customers

06.2017 | For decades, the Otto Fuchs Group has been working closely with MTU to supply the engine manufacturer with high-quality forged parts, particularly pieces made from complicated titanium alloys. Interview with Dr. Klaus Welschof, Head of Aerospace Sales, conducted at Paris Air Show 2017.


Exciting times for manufacturers

06.2017 | PCC Structurals from Portland/Oregon is one of MTU’s most important partners for investment castings. Shortly before leaving for the 2017 Paris Air Show, Jim Criswell, PCC Structurals Vice President, Strategic Sales, gave an outlook on what to expect.